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QINGDAO ZHONGGANG STORAGE CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “ZHONGGANG STORAGE”) is a subsidiary of QINGDAO ZG-EXPRESS GROUP CO.,LTD. Founded in 2003, ZHONGGANG STORAGE establishes 60000 square meters of bonded warehouse, general cargo warehouse, thermostatic food warehouse, and 20000 square meters of bulk container yard, and 2000 square meters of import and export commodity exhibition hall, with 700000 tons of annual inbound and outbound handling capacity. ZHONGGANG STORAGE is the only comprehensive service provider integrating port and warehouse businesses in Qingdao Port.

ZHONGGANG STORAGE is an excellent warehousing service provider with strong security and high professionalism. ZHONGGANG STORAGE not only equips with a superior warehousing environment, but also builds own high standard Third Class high platform warehouses. 24-hour online monitoring guarantees security and cleanness of goods. The independently developed WMS management system uses barcode scanner and other equipment to manage multi SKU goods, and achieve first in first out of goods, as well as provide customers with VMI, JIT and other intelligent inventory management, which ensure the efficiency and accuracy of goods in and out of warehouse.

With the concept of “safety first, customer orientation”, ZHONGGANG STORAGE always escorts your safe and professional customs clearance.

Main Businesses:

Warehousing services:general cargo warehousing, bonded warehousing, thermostatic warehousing, outdoor storage yard, etc.

Project services:collection and less container load of export goods, distribution of import goods, allocation of domestic goods, transit goods warehousing, etc.

Port service:storage, sorting, labeling, packaging change, film wrapping, weighing, etc.

Bulk container yard:storage and assembly of large equipment, transfer of ship accessories, container storage, etc.

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24-Hour Hour Hotline:0532-86959555

Manager of Business Development Department:18661905922

Business consulting telephone:18653238017


ADD:No. 68, Shugang Road, Qingdao Free Trade Zone, Shandong Province

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