Shandong China Inspection United Testing Technology Co., Ltd

Shandong China Inspection United Testing Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter refers to as “Shandong China Inspection United Testing”) was jointly established in 2017 by SHANDONG QUARANTINE TREATMENT SERVICE CO., LTD and IPORTS (QINGDAO) FOREIGN TRADE COMPREHENSIVE SERVICE CO.,LTD., and is an advanced enterprise management consulting company supported by professional technical experts from shareholders and adhering to “always providing professional service and branding with originality and ingenuity”.

Relying on a professional AEO certification guidance team consist of experts engaged in customs affairs for years, import and export business experts, system certification guidance experts, trade compliance experts, commodity classification experts, bonded inspection experts and other senior professionals, Shandong China Inspection United Testing provides professional and precise AEO system assessment report and suggestions for optimization and customizes operable AEO certification system and management system, and assists enterprises to successfully pass certification and review by customs and obtain AEO certification by an all-around and multi-angle analysis on enterprise’s status in internal control, financial status, law-abiding and standardization, trading security and relevant aspects.

By gathering strength of shareholders, Shandong China Inspection United Testing provides consulting services for the whole process of international supply chain, such as customs declaration, logistics, warehousing, customs clearance, quarantine treatment, etc. to enterprises for free. Single choice, multiple value-added services.

Profession polishes quality, and pursuit of perfection creates classic. Shandong China Inspection United Testing supports enterprises’ certification and review by insisting in “spirit of originality” and boosts enterprises for development and growth.

Main Businesses:

AEO Certification Guidance

AEO Certification Standard Training // Customs AEO Certification Guidance // Internal Audit of AEO Standard Conformity // Special Audit of Import and Export Business

Import and Export Business Consulting

Customs Tariff Classification // Bonded Inspection Risk Control // Logistics Scheme Planning // Import and Export Tax Planning // Trade Compliance Evaluation

Policies Research and Guidance

Customs Policies Research and Transformation Guidance // National Policies Research and Transformation Guidance // RCEP Policies Research and Transformation Guidance

Contact information

AEO consulting telephone:18661905967

ADD:Inside the New Financial Industrial Park, 34 Guantao Road, Shibei District, Qingdao, Shandong

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